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Stroke Awareness: Symptoms and Tips!

In the United States alone, 795,000 people suffer a stroke every year, and though these strokes may not be caused only by bad health, taking care of yourself and staying healthy is pivotal in avoiding a stroke. Consequently, after suffering a first time stroke, recurrence is probable in 25% of these individuals.

It is important to become educated on the symptoms of a stroke as fast acting, and quick medical assistance is key in preventing debilitating after effects. The most common symptoms of an oncoming stroke are:

– Sudden confusion

– Trouble understanding speech

– Sudden trouble with vision

– A sudden severe headache.

Quick reaction time to these symptoms is imperative in diminishing after effects of a stroke.

The after effects of a stroke are arduous and often render individuals helpless, and in need of a care taker. A stroke has the ability to induce memory loss, impaired vision, trouble with speech and language, and many more bodily dysfunctions. Impotence is almost inevitable after suffering a stroke and it is impossible to reverse after effects of a stroke. Strokes are debilitating and their after effects only highlight the importance of stroke prevention.

A healthy diet is fundamental in stroke prevention. Elimination of fatty foods and alcohol goes without saying, but these simple additions are sure to cut your chances of having a stroke:

– Increase your intake of plant based foods.

– Substitute red meat with seafood or poultry.

– Limit your intake of sodium.

– Increase your daily fiber intake.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet and daily exercise are recommended. Though a stroke can be brought on by a multitude of other issues, bad health is the leading cause. Stay educated and stay healthy to prevent stroke in your life!


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