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The Multi-Alarm "Pediatric" Pillbox

Attention Moms Dads and Caregivers alike! Are you tired of juggling all of your child’s medications? Is it getting harder and harder to keep track of when your child’s last dose was? The e-pill “Pediatric” Pillbox just may be the answer. It will help you to remember, identify, and organize your child’s medications, and best of all it is EASY.

This is a multi-alarm pill box with an E-Z Set Timer. You will now be able to organize your child’s daily pills and be reminded up to 37 times per day with a loud alarm. There is no reset required, and it will automatically reset at midnight. That means you can set the alarms once and not worry about changing them again until..ever! You can now spend more time with your child and less time counting pills and watching the clock.

“White” e-pill Pediatric Multi-Alarm

 The e-pill Pediatric Pillbox comes with an easy to open sliding pill tray with a safety lock, an easy to read display screen, and a missed pill indicator. The alarm is easy to hear and will sound for 10 seconds on 10 seconds off for up to 4 minutes (or until STOP button is pressed). If medicine is not taken when alarm sounds, a missed pill message flashes on the display.

“Pink” e-pill Pediatric Multi-Alarm

There is one switch for each hour and half hour. Once the alarms have been set, there is no reset required. The pill box slides out with 7 compartments labeled Monday thru Sunday and can fit up to 18 aspirin sized tablets in each compartment.

The e-pill Pediatric Pillbox is easy to use, and will help to keep your child’s medication organized and taken on time. Are you ready to stop stressing about doses and pills for your child? Then stop the stress today and try this product from e-pill!