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A Case of Iritis

It’s a scary situation when one day you can barely open your eye and when you did, all you can feel is pain. Not only was it painful but also your eye looks like it had been lit on fire. This was a scary thing that happened to me. I had no clue what had happened to my eye.  I did what every typical person would do I called my doctor. I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with Irisits. What the heck is Iritis? In simple terms it’s inflammation located at the iris of the eye. When the iris is inflamed, white blood cells (leukocytes) are shed into the anterior chamber of the eye where they can be observed on slit lamp examination floating in the convection currents of the aqueous humor ( The doctor told me Iritis could develop from an autoimmune disease or spontaneously happen. In my situation it was spontaneous. For the first few weeks of treatment he gave me two eye drops to take Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride Ophthalmic (dilating solution to prevent scaring) and Predinisolone Acetate (steroids to reduce inflammation). It was imperative I take my steroids drop every hour and my dilating drops every 4hrs. Remembering to take these drops was a challenge for me with my busy schedule. I had to find a solution to my non-compliance. I found the e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap to be very useful. Not only did it carry my eye drops it reminded me to take and told me when I last used the drops. Who would have thought a tiny little pill bottle would keep me on track with my Iritis medication drops.



"Save Yourself from Reminding or Texting Mom or Dad Everyday"

Do you think it’s not a big deal to help manage your parent’s medication? Think again! According to the American Society on Aging and the American Society of Consultant Pharmacist Foundation there are
125, 000 deaths each year due to medication non adherence.

Medication nonadherence can be a major problem for any age group, especially to your parents who are prescribed multiple medications due to health conditions. The health consequences are extremely harmful or even deadly.

In an effort to improve medication adherence you, as their son or daughter will organize medications using simple pillboxes and contacting them daily via phone to make sure they’re taking their medications on time.
This daily task can be overwhelming for both yourself and for your parent. This task can overtake your life. From the perspective of your parent, it may seem that you do not trust or feel they are competent to manage their own medications.
As a solution there are several companies offering many different types of reminder devices such as watches, pillboxes with timers and automatic pill dispensers. One unique item e-pill, LLC is offering what is called the CADEX 12-Alarm Medication & Medical ID watch.

The e-pill CADEX 12-Alarm Medication & Medical ID watch not only reminds the user up to 12 daily times, but it will also show a text message for each alarms (up to 36 characters per alarm).
Another unique feature of the e-pill CADEX watch is the “Medical ID.” The watch will allow users to store vital information such as:

  • Name and phone number
  • Medical information (Parkinson’s, diabetes, asthma, dialysis patient, etc.)
  • Emergency contact and phone
  • List of medications, blood type, date of birth
  • Doctor name & phone
  • Insurance company & policy number.
The e-pill CADEX watch medical ID databank stores critical health information similar to the medical ID bracelets. Simply press the ALERT button and all your medical information will be shown.
Have “piece of mind” with the e-pill CADEX 12-Alarm Medication and Medical ID Watch.