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E-Pill Reminders Take On The Food Industry

E-pill isn’t just a great medication reminder! Now the food industry wants in on the benefits we have all been receiving. They are starting to use the popular e-pill medication reminder known as the Multi-Alarm Pocket XL.
This device is now being used across the United States in your local fast food restaurants. That’s right, this reminder device is now a food timer. With up to 37 daily alarms and a missed “pill” indicator, it is no wonder why food industries would also want to take advantage of this great e-pill.
 Popular fast food chains are required to use time tag systems in which they must check on different food items at different times throughout the workday. Depending on their color-coding system, different foods are to be changed at different times. The Multi-Alarm Pocket XL works great in these situations because of its ability to alarm up to 37 times on the hour and half hour. This gives the workers a reminder to check on the food items at the correct times throughout the day, without missing a beat!
Just as it is important to take your medication on time, it is important to make sure customers are receiving the freshest food. It is during those chaotic times at home, or in the kitchen, that the Multi-Alarm Pocket XL will help to remind you to stay on top of all your daily duties, whether it be taking your medication, or turning over food to maintain high food safety standards.