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6 Ways to Help Your Child with School Phobia (Social Anxiety)

Back to school season is here. Children are getting ready to go back to school. Some are excited about it, but some are not so much. For the younger age’s group, some of them tend to have a hard time leaving their parents to school or they are anxious about school for a variety of reasons. School Phobia as know as School Refusal is children who have problems going to school or staying in school.

Here are some tips to help the children who are facing that issue.

  1. Self-help methods could provide relaxation to your child. Be open to new ideas
  2. Communicate with your about their feelings of school or in general
  3. Work with school staff for extra support or direction
  4. Schedule an informal meeting with your child’s teachers.
  5. Help your child to create hobbies and interests (Sports teams, Clubs, etc)
  6. Emphasize the positives about going to school. (Friends, New Materials, etc)

Most importantly, your children need your support to get through those situations. As long as they understand you will be there for them with their physical and mental supports.

A Case of Iritis

It’s a scary situation when one day you can barely open your eye and when you did, all you can feel is pain. Not only was it painful but also your eye looks like it had been lit on fire. This was a scary thing that happened to me. I had no clue what had happened to my eye.  I did what every typical person would do I called my doctor. I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with Irisits. What the heck is Iritis? In simple terms it’s inflammation located at the iris of the eye. When the iris is inflamed, white blood cells (leukocytes) are shed into the anterior chamber of the eye where they can be observed on slit lamp examination floating in the convection currents of the aqueous humor ( The doctor told me Iritis could develop from an autoimmune disease or spontaneously happen. In my situation it was spontaneous. For the first few weeks of treatment he gave me two eye drops to take Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride Ophthalmic (dilating solution to prevent scaring) and Predinisolone Acetate (steroids to reduce inflammation). It was imperative I take my steroids drop every hour and my dilating drops every 4hrs. Remembering to take these drops was a challenge for me with my busy schedule. I had to find a solution to my non-compliance. I found the e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap to be very useful. Not only did it carry my eye drops it reminded me to take and told me when I last used the drops. Who would have thought a tiny little pill bottle would keep me on track with my Iritis medication drops.



What will the cost be for Mom’s or Dad’s automatic medication dispenser?

Helping your parents manage his/her medication can be a challenging task to take on. Taking their medications correctly and on time is crucial to maintaining a healthy life.

The current system you have set-up probably entails you to sit down with them once a week to sort the different pills they take. You probably call them daily to tell them “Mom/Dad take the blue, white, red, pill at this time now…. etc.”

More pills mean more confusion on when and how to take them, especially when they are prescribed medications. The consequences of taking too much or the wrong kind can be deadly.

There are many solutions to helping them take the right meds at the right time. There are pillboxes, timers, watches, and your daily phone call, etc.

What’s the fix for this dilemma?

An e-pill automatic medication dispenser can help your mom/dad manage their medications. It will offer you some sort of comfort that they are taking their medication correctly and on time. Having a dependable system will minimize the risk of your mom or dad taking his/her medication incorrectly, which can cause harm.

e-pill offers four different types of automatic dispensers:

  1. e-pill MD1 MedTime XL (SKU 991019) $289.95
  • Dispenses meds up to 28 times per day.
  • Reminds you with a visual and loud 60 minutes alarm.

  1. e-pill MD2 MedSmart  (SKU 993109) $489.95
  • Dispenses meds up to 6 times per day.
  • Large digital display and programming buttons
  • Loud audio and visual alarm.
  • Early dose button.
  • AC powered docking base.

  1. e-pill MD2 PLUS MedSmart MONITORED (SKU 994019) $789.95
  • Dispenses meds up to 6 times per day.
  • Loud audio and visual alarm.
  • Early dose button.
  • Remote Event Monitoring. Alerts caregivers if meds have been missed. MedSmart PLUS calls your cell or regular phone, send a text message or email notification if meds have not been taken within 60 minutes of the scheduled alarm time.
  • NO MONTHLY FEES associated with Remote Event Monitoring
  • Dispenses meds up to 4 times per day. Fill weekly.
  • Tamper Proof (for patients who are trying to get to the medication before it is time.)
  • Secure and refillable plastic medication cassette for easy loading.
  • Alarm and text message reminders displayed on LCD.
  • Alarm sounds continuously until the pills are removed.
  • Adjustable audio alarm.

  1. e-pill MD3 Tamperproof CompuMed (SKU 992033) $844.95
  • Dispenses meds up to 4 times per day. Fill weekly.
  • Tamper Proof (for patients who are trying to get to the medication before it is time.)
  • Secure and refillable plastic medication cassette for easy loading.
  • Alarm and text message reminders displayed on LCD.
  • Alarm sounds continuously until the pills are removed.
  • Adjustable audio alarm.

e-pill offers FREE SHIPPING and handling, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and a 1 year warranty on all of our medication reminders.

Travelling: Healthy Tips For Hittin The Road

Planning on leaving town? Going somewhere exotic, or just leaving the state? Wherever you are headed this season it is important to stay prepared. That doesn’t mean just remembering all of your daily medications, but some extra things as well.  Below is a list of some items you should bring with you when going on vacation: Read the rest of this entry

E-Pill Reminders Take On The Food Industry

E-pill isn’t just a great medication reminder! Now the food industry wants in on the benefits we have all been receiving. They are starting to use the popular e-pill medication reminder known as the Multi-Alarm Pocket XL.
This device is now being used across the United States in your local fast food restaurants. That’s right, this reminder device is now a food timer. With up to 37 daily alarms and a missed “pill” indicator, it is no wonder why food industries would also want to take advantage of this great e-pill.
 Popular fast food chains are required to use time tag systems in which they must check on different food items at different times throughout the workday. Depending on their color-coding system, different foods are to be changed at different times. The Multi-Alarm Pocket XL works great in these situations because of its ability to alarm up to 37 times on the hour and half hour. This gives the workers a reminder to check on the food items at the correct times throughout the day, without missing a beat!
Just as it is important to take your medication on time, it is important to make sure customers are receiving the freshest food. It is during those chaotic times at home, or in the kitchen, that the Multi-Alarm Pocket XL will help to remind you to stay on top of all your daily duties, whether it be taking your medication, or turning over food to maintain high food safety standards.

"Save Yourself from Reminding or Texting Mom or Dad Everyday"

Do you think it’s not a big deal to help manage your parent’s medication? Think again! According to the American Society on Aging and the American Society of Consultant Pharmacist Foundation there are
125, 000 deaths each year due to medication non adherence.

Medication nonadherence can be a major problem for any age group, especially to your parents who are prescribed multiple medications due to health conditions. The health consequences are extremely harmful or even deadly.

In an effort to improve medication adherence you, as their son or daughter will organize medications using simple pillboxes and contacting them daily via phone to make sure they’re taking their medications on time.
This daily task can be overwhelming for both yourself and for your parent. This task can overtake your life. From the perspective of your parent, it may seem that you do not trust or feel they are competent to manage their own medications.
As a solution there are several companies offering many different types of reminder devices such as watches, pillboxes with timers and automatic pill dispensers. One unique item e-pill, LLC is offering what is called the CADEX 12-Alarm Medication & Medical ID watch.

The e-pill CADEX 12-Alarm Medication & Medical ID watch not only reminds the user up to 12 daily times, but it will also show a text message for each alarms (up to 36 characters per alarm).
Another unique feature of the e-pill CADEX watch is the “Medical ID.” The watch will allow users to store vital information such as:

  • Name and phone number
  • Medical information (Parkinson’s, diabetes, asthma, dialysis patient, etc.)
  • Emergency contact and phone
  • List of medications, blood type, date of birth
  • Doctor name & phone
  • Insurance company & policy number.
The e-pill CADEX watch medical ID databank stores critical health information similar to the medical ID bracelets. Simply press the ALERT button and all your medical information will be shown.
Have “piece of mind” with the e-pill CADEX 12-Alarm Medication and Medical ID Watch.

The Multi-Alarm "Pediatric" Pillbox

Attention Moms Dads and Caregivers alike! Are you tired of juggling all of your child’s medications? Is it getting harder and harder to keep track of when your child’s last dose was? The e-pill “Pediatric” Pillbox just may be the answer. It will help you to remember, identify, and organize your child’s medications, and best of all it is EASY.

This is a multi-alarm pill box with an E-Z Set Timer. You will now be able to organize your child’s daily pills and be reminded up to 37 times per day with a loud alarm. There is no reset required, and it will automatically reset at midnight. That means you can set the alarms once and not worry about changing them again until..ever! You can now spend more time with your child and less time counting pills and watching the clock.

“White” e-pill Pediatric Multi-Alarm

 The e-pill Pediatric Pillbox comes with an easy to open sliding pill tray with a safety lock, an easy to read display screen, and a missed pill indicator. The alarm is easy to hear and will sound for 10 seconds on 10 seconds off for up to 4 minutes (or until STOP button is pressed). If medicine is not taken when alarm sounds, a missed pill message flashes on the display.

“Pink” e-pill Pediatric Multi-Alarm

There is one switch for each hour and half hour. Once the alarms have been set, there is no reset required. The pill box slides out with 7 compartments labeled Monday thru Sunday and can fit up to 18 aspirin sized tablets in each compartment.

The e-pill Pediatric Pillbox is easy to use, and will help to keep your child’s medication organized and taken on time. Are you ready to stop stressing about doses and pills for your child? Then stop the stress today and try this product from e-pill!