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Products to Help Seniors Age-In-Place

If your parents have the desire to age in place, there are products and tools available to help with any deficiencies they may have. Living at home can be a safe and healthy option and allow them to stay independent.

Here are some products and tools to help your loved one age in place:

1. Medication Adherence- It can be a potentially dangerous scenario for seniors who are noncompliant with their medication regimen. Products are available to help your loved one remember to take their medication at the right time. e-pill Medication Reminders offers a line of products ranging from a simple pillbox, pillbox timers, wearables (reminder watch), and automatic pill dispensers. These products will help your senior “Never Forget to Take their Medications Again!
ebay Station with Patient

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2. Cell Phone and Smartphones- The Jitterbug offers big buttons, large text, large screen and simple menus.

Jitterbug phone

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3. Emergency pendant, fall detection- worn around the neck or wrist will alert first responders or preprogrammed numbers of family members if your senior is in need of emergency help.

Two Ladies with Medical ALert
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4. Video monitoring- Allows you to have visual contact with your senior. You can gauge how they are doing thru your interactions with them and see the state of their living situation. Many senior enjoy face-to-face interactions versus a phone call.




“Aging in place” means to keep seniors in their own home for as long as possible. Living alone is not an easy task, especially when you are a senior. There’s a lot of hazards that you have never realized and they could be very dangerous. There are many solutions out there for you to choose from. One of the best solutions is to have a professional to inspect the house, so you have nothing to worry.

Yes! There are “Aging in Place” Specialists. They inspect the houses for seniors to make sure their houses are safe for them to live independently. They check every inch of the house to make sure everything is safe. They inspect your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. They would even check your rugs too.
When you have an elderly parent, you need to make sure they live in a safe environment. Hiring an expert to the house to make sure you and your parent/s have nothing to worry about.