Caregiver? Career?


There are 44 million unpaid caregivers in the United States and the majority of them are women. Being an unpaid caregiver could be stressful and sometimes close to being impossible. Some women think that they have a good employee and a good daughter at the same because they have to worry about their career and their elderly parents. Is there a perfect way to balance that? Would you choose your elderly parents over your career or the other way around?

Women lost estimated $324,000 in wages because they want to be a good daughter. That is a good amount of money that they have lost. It would be cheaper to hire someone to hire someone to take care of their elderly parents. Women spend 60% of their time being a caregiver. Part of them would miss their promotions or raises at work because of taking care of their elderly parents. Some companies do not like employees to take time off too often, even though it’s because of their elderly parents.

Companies should work with their employees about taking care of their elderly parents. Women and men have to take care of their elderly parents at some point, but they want to keep their career at the same time. Companies should understand their situations and find a solution to help them. Communication is the key to keep a good relationship with their employees. They will work harder if they treat them well. It is not easy to find the balance of being a caregiver and being a good employee. What would you choose if you have to choose? Caregiver? Career?

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