Monthly Archives: March 2016

Overcoming Addiction with ProsperSafe

As our country is amid a heroin epidemic, the number of lives being taken by addiction and overdose is at an all time high. Far too little caution is being taken when prescribing opioids to those attempting to overcome addiction. The morphine like relief that opioids provide an individual in recovery are generating a new craving. Medication adherence is essential to safely overcoming an addiction and remaining sober, yet this is where we face our biggest struggle in ending the war on addiction.

ProsperSafe is e-pill Medication Reminder’s new line of addiction recovery products that are   specifically designed to increase medication adherence and help individuals to become, and remain, sober. The line features a wide range of products from tamperproof automatic pill dispensers, to self locked pill boxes. The products featured on the new website,, are devised for the different steps of recovery, ultimately growing with the patient throughout their journey.

Products range from the tamperproof MedTime SAFE, a locked, tamperproof automatic pill dispenser, to the Kitchen Safe, a locked pillbox that preaches self regulation. e-pill is dedicated to help in the fight against the heroin and opioid addiction epidemic. Visit our ProsperSafe website,, to learn more about the extensive products that we offer.

Spring Cleaning!

Goodbye winter, hello spring! Are you starting your spring cleaning early this year? An essential, yet overlooked, part of this process is clearing out your medicine cabinets. Make sure to pay special attention to this part of spring cleaning to avoid administration of outdated or wrong medications! #springcleaning #cleanyourmedicinecabinet