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Tips from Katie Couric on Growing Old with Grace & Gadgets

Growing old is not for the faint of heart, it takes courage and aid to take on such a feat. The Katie Couric Shows blog has compiled a list of gadgets and technology to help out those whom are aging or someone aiding another with the aging process.


Growing Old with Grace and Gadgets


Tech Support

Seniors who utilize technology can remain more independent and connected than seniors who do not. If you don’t have time to help your aging parent with teaching them tools of technology there are many adult education courses that cover the internet and basic computer skills. ( &


Sensible Sensors

Sensors can be placed on objects to track certain behavior or routine tasks. ( There are also cameras that can be placed in the home of loved ones to allow monitoring and a way to stay connected. ( &

Keeping in Touch

Some seniors may not be ready to dive full into technology with a smartphone in hand but there are mobile phones made specifically for seniors. The Jitterbug is designed with seniors in mind with large and easy to read buttons. (

A Step in the Right Direction

As people age memory problems may arise. Many children of aging parents want to be able to keep track of their loved on. There is now a shoe accessory available that is slid into a shoe and able to track the location of the person wearing it. (

The Pill Problem

Most seniors are taking medications on a daily basis. It is easy for many people to forget even a simple medication regimen. e-pill is the premier distributor of medication reminders. We offer a variety a gadgets to help seniors remember to take their medication. The products featured on the show were the e-pill TimeCap, CADEX Platinum, and the e-pill Station. The e-pill Station or the Pill Service Station is an impressive pill dispenser and tipper combination. Katie Couric’s impression was,”Wow that’s cool!”. This device stores medication and dispenses it only when the medication is due. The device is locked to avoid medication errors. (

Can You Hear Me Now

Hearing is one of the most common abilities that begins to diminish as we age. Many seniors need help in order to hear as optimally as they used to. There are hearing aids which are bluetooth connected and have the ability to receive phone calls and even the Siri application (iPhone) through the aid. (

Cleaning Up

Cleaning duties are usually not kept as hobbies and with an aging parent chores can become even more tedious with physical inability. There are now robotic vacuums available which allow people to keep their house clean without the physical exertion. The Moneual Rydis H68 Hybrid can clean carpets and hard floors. (