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ID Bracelet/Band : It’s Not as Bad As You Think!

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ImageAs if dealing with a disease or health condition isn’t hard enough, now you have to display something for the whole world to see? The doctors tell you to wear a medical ID bracelet so in case of an emergency someone will know what medications you are on, what health conditions you may suffer from, allergies, and medical history, so that all the correct precautions are taken.
This of course makes perfect sense, but still after all the possible scenarios that could go wrong people still don’t comply with their doctor’s request. It is hard to wear something that will reveal to people you have a health condition, but not every ID bracelet has to be so revealing and obvious.

It is almost here, the day to show your Mother how much she means to you, and what better way to do it than with an e-pill medication reminder? Sure, flowers are great, but isn’t the gift of health even better? By giving her an e-pill device you are helping her to never forget to take her medication which will keep her feeling good.

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..And I would get some flowers too.