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Travelling: Healthy Tips For Hittin The Road

Planning on leaving town? Going somewhere exotic, or just leaving the state? Wherever you are headed this season it is important to stay prepared. That doesn’t mean just remembering all of your daily medications, but some extra things as well.  Below is a list of some items you should bring with you when going on vacation: Read the rest of this entry

Pill Dispenser: Buying On A Budget?

Are you looking for something to dispense your pills, but aren’t looking to spend tons of money? The Med-O-Wheel could be the solution. This device is small enough to take with you on the go, but large enough to fit up to 17 aspirin sized tablets in each of it’s 14 compartments. Read the rest of this entry

Diabetes On The Rise

According to a new report out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Diabetes in America could double or triple in cases over the next 40 years. It is reported that by 2050 one in three adults will have the disease, and primarily type 2 diabetes.
More and more people are contracting diabetes due to the way they are treating their bodies. Obesity has become a huge problem (no pun intended) in America.
There is also the fact that people are living longer with diabetes by staying compliant with their medications and having more control over their blood sugar levels. Doctors can also diagnose diabetes earlier on. The increasing number of overweight Americans has become a contributing factor to the rise of type 2 diabetes.
With side effects such as kidney failure, amputations, strokes, heart attacks, etc.. It is important to do everything you can to avoid getting this disease. Prevention is of course the best option, but if you already have diabetes the best thing to do is take your medication on time, and work on eating healthy and staying fit.

CVS CareMark: Medication Adherence Study

A recent study conducted by CVS, together with Harvard Medical and Brigham & Women’s Hospital highlights medication adherence for four common diseases: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and depression in 50 states.

In this study they layout the factors that undermine medication non-adherence among patients and will help identify solutions to health care professionals for medication non-adherence.

Non-adherence to every day medications has been seen as a major public health problem. Non-adherence can lead to worsening health which can increase overall health care costs. Through this research study it is hoped that what is learned will help with health care, and will also help health care professionals understand patient behavior and patient non-compliance.

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