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The Multi-Alarm "Pediatric" Pillbox

Attention Moms Dads and Caregivers alike! Are you tired of juggling all of your child’s medications? Is it getting harder and harder to keep track of when your child’s last dose was? The e-pill “Pediatric” Pillbox just may be the answer. It will help you to remember, identify, and organize your child’s medications, and best of all it is EASY.

This is a multi-alarm pill box with an E-Z Set Timer. You will now be able to organize your child’s daily pills and be reminded up to 37 times per day with a loud alarm. There is no reset required, and it will automatically reset at midnight. That means you can set the alarms once and not worry about changing them again until..ever! You can now spend more time with your child and less time counting pills and watching the clock.

“White” e-pill Pediatric Multi-Alarm

 The e-pill Pediatric Pillbox comes with an easy to open sliding pill tray with a safety lock, an easy to read display screen, and a missed pill indicator. The alarm is easy to hear and will sound for 10 seconds on 10 seconds off for up to 4 minutes (or until STOP button is pressed). If medicine is not taken when alarm sounds, a missed pill message flashes on the display.

“Pink” e-pill Pediatric Multi-Alarm

There is one switch for each hour and half hour. Once the alarms have been set, there is no reset required. The pill box slides out with 7 compartments labeled Monday thru Sunday and can fit up to 18 aspirin sized tablets in each compartment.

The e-pill Pediatric Pillbox is easy to use, and will help to keep your child’s medication organized and taken on time. Are you ready to stop stressing about doses and pills for your child? Then stop the stress today and try this product from e-pill!

Live up to your New Years Resolution for $29.95

If one of your New Years resolutions is to improve your prescribed medications or vitamins compliance, you’re not alone.

Statistic shows (PhRMA 2011):

·  32 million Americans use three or more medicines daily
·  75% of adults are non-adherent in one or more ways

Remembering to take your medication is the KEY to compliance. e-pill offers a very simple solution called the e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap. For only $29.95, the e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap will alert you when its time to take your medication and also shows you the time and day of the week the pill bottle was “LAST OPENED.”

This simple device will help you never forget your medication again, and it will get you “on track” with your New Years resolution.

For more information about the e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap, please visit or contact e-pill at 1-800-549-0095.

Helpful suggestions for your e-pill MedTime XL

Many of our customers have sent us suggestions on how to modify the e-pill MedTime XL to be more user friendly. Below are a few suggestions.

User with diminished eyesight:

Color or tape the side of the opening BLUE to make it easier for the patient to see where the pills come out.  P.Vaughan
User with limited dexterity:

e-pill offers an accessory called the e-pill Tipper This device will help the patient lift and dispense their medications easily.

Managing your Meds for 2012

Happy New Year! It’s time to plan your New Year’s resolution for 2012. Medication management is a one of the biggest challenges that many of us have. Here are some simple steps and devices you can use to manage your medications.

1. Go through your medicine cabinet and dispose of any expired over-the-counter or prescription medications.
2. Separate your over-the-counter from your prescription medications.
3. Keep your prescribed medications easily accessible.
4. Store all your medications in a safe and organized place away from children

Use a daily or weekly pillbox timer organizer to separate your medications. For example, e-pill offers a pocket pillbox timer called the “e-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating Pocket Pillbox.” This pillbox is very simple to use. It has four daily alarms you can set, with a vibrating or sound alarm, or both. The timer comes with an attached pillbox with four compartments on the back. For more information, visit

e-pill also offers a weekly organizer system called the “e-pill 7 Day Organizer & Reminder.” This organizing system comes complete with 7 daily pillboxes with 4 compartments and a simple timer to remind you to take your medications. For more information, visit